October 27, 2021

‘NO’ is a Complete Sentence

Ever found yourself in trouble and it almost costed you something valuable in life?

Could be a relationship, a job, your life or any other valuable thing. Not because you were at fault as per say but because of your empathetic, and caring nature with the purest of intentions. The pursuit of trying so hard to please people is not worth it because you end up losing yourself in the process, it’s just like setting yourself on fire to keep others warm. The ability to say no is the power to create, pursue and protect priorities. Sometimes our inability to say no costs us a lot all in the name of trying to fit in and pleasing others. Setting healthy boundaries also aligns with standing up for yourself. It is often not an easy task for many because maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like to “rock the boat” so you swallow any opposing thoughts or feelings to avoid confrontation.

Boundaries are your responsibility; you decide what is allowed and what isn’t in your life. Swaying along with what other people want just feels like the better or easier thing to do but what you need to understand is that, you can be a good person with a kind spirit, a pure soul and still stand your ground when need be ‘NO’ is a complete sentence, it doesn’t require justification or any explanations for that matter. Let yourself off the hook of people’s opinions of how they will think or feel about you for the choices you make. Recall your priorities before saying yes, listen to your inner voice, make no your default answer bearing in mind that you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

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