October 27, 2021

The Uncertainty of Life

We sometimes feel unsure which is okay, it’s fine not to know what to do or how to act to some situations, feel blank and empty with no ray of clarification. The fear and anxiety that comes about with unpredictability often gives us the shrieks to face the world as it’s such an uncomfortable position.
You’ll constantly ask yourself questions like what if it doesn’t work out like I pictured it? What if it’s not a success? these questions are as a result of the anxiety, the fear and the strive for perfection.

We end up struggling with the transformations of growth because we are rigid to it as it is usually not a walk in the park. With growth comes disappointments, things not working like you wanted, criticism but the beauty of it all is that things will fall to place in due time. Letting go of control and making peace with uncertainty will save you a lot especially matters to do with your peace of mind because order, rules and precision are not what matters the most in life especially if they drain you and deprive you from being the best version of you.

We all have twists and turns, and everyone has to turn around every now and then. When you find yourself wishing and hoping for things which you are unsure about and they feel like they are out of control, recollect yourself and let life take its own course for it will lead you closer to your true path. It is upon you to just trust the process, as long as you gave it your best, the rest will fall in place!!!

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