I am an Accredited Counseling Psychologist by the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association with over 25 years clinical experience. I have worked with the KCCB Education Commission, Family Life, Health, Pastoral department, Justice and Peace Commission and Caritas National office as an educational consultant, lead consultant in gender policy and development, electoral commissioner in Lower Eastern Region, writer, and radio programme developer in conjunction with Waumini Radio.

I have been working at Tangaza University College as a Lecturer, Counselor, Spiritual Director, a project Coordinator at the Centre for Child Safeguarding and Protection. I am a Doctoral candidate in Social Transformation: Specializing in Organizational Management and Leadership Studies, Research Methods and a strong minor in Governance and Sustainable Development.

I have played the role of Deputy Vice Director at Tangaza University College, College Trainer, and An International Delegate to the UN Peer Review Programs on the SDGs and Human Rights Delegate to Geneva Human Rights Institute. Vice President of the Professional Delegates in Africa- PAXROMANA, A Co-opted member of the Education Board on Chaplaincy in Schools, Colleges and Universities in Kenya. I have been a Lead consultant for national and international researches, training programs, Curriculum development, Resource Mobilization, Educational Consultancies nationally and internationally.

I have taught at: Mount Kenya Methodist University (KEMU), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture (JKUAT), Catholic University of Eastern Africa, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) and Tangaza University College, Nairobi.